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Create or Propose a New Standard

Do you have a service or product should be used by others? Do you manage a technology domain that has specific requirements! If you said yes to either question, then you probably need to draft and have approved a Technology Standard. These standards help ensure that our technology solutions (applications and systems) meet regulatory, availability, interoperability, and other requirements. Plus, they help lower costs and improve time to delivery. We have two general types of standards: document-based (Technology Standard, Technology Pattern, Configuration Standard) and Product Standards

  • Technology Standard - these standards describe what must be done. They should remain product independent, describing the requirements for a service or system of services. Try it now!
  • Technology Pattern - these standards describe how something is done! Try it now!
  • Configuration Standard - these standards describe how a service or product is built and installed and hardened. Try it now!    
  • Product Standard - these standards list the specific products and services that are approved for use in Citizens Bank technology.